We all know that the skewer is part of modern Greek culture with roots in antiquity ...
When even in times of economic crisis it is cheaper and healthier and the return to the old traditional taste values ​​taken for granted ... Street Souvlaki
With the pie of lean to avoid calories and harmful fats.
We come back, then, at home gatherings with street Souvlaki open your appetite for not being able to settle for one.
With new flavor additions alongside classic!
Halloumi straw, straw mushroom, vegetable straw!
With a choice of the pie ... Wheat, whole grains, corn, and of course, the unique fresh potatoes garnish with grated feta!

Undoubtedly distinct culinary quality additions excellent sauce feta, yogurt, paprika!

To us and to skewer the taste journey counts ... With fresh ingredients your choice in loneliness and gang moments ...

Street Souvlaki

With strengths quality economy, combining classical and new taste ... And tailored to nutritional concerns of the time, depending on your choices ...

Relish, speed and low prices at home or ...

Enjoy our rich and quality menu in our friendly venues:

     the busy pedestrian Piraeus, Sotiros Dios 37 Pasilimani
     in the shipping business area, Akti Miaouli 63, Port, Piraeus
     in the lively area of ​​Athens, 30 Kolokotroni

We create tradition of pleasing your convenience.


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Δε-Τρ-Τε-Πε-Κυρ 11:30 π.μ. - 02:00 π.μ.
Παρ-Σαβ11:30 π.μ. - 03:00 π.μ

Δε-Τρ-Τε-Πε. 11:30 π.μ. - 02:00 π.μ.
Παρ.Σαβ.11:30 μ.μ. - 3:00 π.μ
Κυρ.12:00 μ.μ. - 02:00 π.μ

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